Confused by all the different flooring companies and materials available?

When you need advice on sourcing and installing commercial, industrial or office flooring, our experience with floor coverings means we can help you combine looks and performance perfectly for any project.

We’ve been commercial flooring contractors since we began in 1992, and over the years we’ve gained massive experience with all the main flooring options including:

  • Heavy Duty Vinyl Flooring

Specialising in commercial, industrial and public sector work means we regularly use heavy-duty vinyl flooring. Forget the cheap vinyl floor coverings as provided by some flooring companies; Arden Construction uses today’s top industrial and commercial vinyl flooring to achieve the highest standards and to authentically replicate materials as diverse as wood and metal.

  • Safety Flooring

Whenever the safety matters, we’ll help you choose between products specifically designed for safe pedestrian traffic. This includes safety flooring that protects against slip risks, industrial safety matting and playground safety flooring to protect children.

  • Non-Slip / Anti-Slip Flooring

We also lay flooring to reduce wet or dry slip risks. Rest assured that, as with all our floor coverings, whenever non-slip floors or non-slip matting are specified, we always do a thorough site survey before making any considered recommendations between non-slip flooring options.

  • Rubber Flooring

From sound reduction to protecting weights-room floors and children at play, rubber flooring properties and our extensive experience as a ‘rubber flooring company’ come into play. We’ve put floors in offices, public buildings, industrial units, leisure venues and anywhere that rubber’s low-maintenance, impact resistance, acoustic performance, bacteriostatic characteristics and other properties offer advantages.

  • Commercial Flooring

We are commercial flooring contractors too. Whether in retail, wholesale, leisure or transport, our experience and knowledge of commercial flooring installation is the key to durable, cost-effective flooring that meets your specification and looks stunning.

  • Industrial Flooring

Your pursuit of hard-wearing industrial flooring solutions needn’t preclude style. As experienced industrial flooring contractors we can recommend suitable options in a wide range of colours and textures to delimit working areas and meet your brand guidelines.

  • Office Flooring

Attractive, durable modern office floor coverings present options for small office renovations or large corporate receptions. When acoustic performance, slip resistance and looks are top priority, we’ll help you make the right decision between office flooring solutions.

Need new floor coverings?

From industrial non-slip materials to rubber mats and sound reducing rubber floor tiles, modern floor coverings are needed across every market sector. Whatever material or application you have in mind, your choice of material and flooring company must be right. By choosing us as your commercial flooring contractors, you’ll be putting your building’s needs in experienced hands. Not all flooring companies are also experienced building contractors, so call us today to learn more about why that matters.