Small business attitude – big business aptitude

Regardless of your project’s size or location, the skills, experience and customer focus of your building contractors really can determine its success. Whether you want a small school extension built or a complex, large development of high-tech commercial units constructing you need to choose a company you can trust.

We take pride in the fact that we provide a small business approach to construction yet have the capabilities necessary to execute big business projects. Working with us not only do you get the experience, knowledge and professionalism required to complete your project, but also fantastic customer service because, unlike large corporate businesses, we’re responsive, reliable and regularly exceed our client expectations.

Construction that doesn’t cost the Earth

We are constantly looking for innovative and environmentally friendly ways of constructing new builds and working on retrofit projects, that’s why we champion the Passivhaus standard. Passivhaus design is driven by air quality and comfort, and significantly reduces the amount of energy a building uses.

For more information about our award winning Passivhaus capabilities, take a look at our Passivhaus construction project.

Our clients find it reassuring that we’ve been successful in the Midlands’ building and construction industry since 1992.

In that time, we’ve earned a reputation for quality and dependability among building operators and their consultants in both school construction and commercial construction.

Building Construction Overview:

Building construction with a difference

We’re so successful because we see construction as more than just ‘building’. Instead, we deliver a complete service to make sure everything goes smoothly during your project, combining building and project management skills with highly developed client-liaison capability. That’s because all our employees get customer-facing training – now how many other building construction companies do that?

All contractors are not the same

There are general builders and then there’s Arden Construction. Whether we’re refurbishing a prominent public building or updating a school toilet, imagine how our experience of the building and construction industry could help you and your client, and in turn support your professional reputation.

Begin to remove the risk from your building construction project today by putting it in the safest of hands.