Award winning Passivhaus construction

Passivhaus is the leading international low energy design standard that provides a comfortable environment for occupants, but uses very little energy for heating and cooling. To put it into perspective, Passivhaus buildings typically need 75% less heating than the UK’s current new builds.

Passivhaus construction is a highly effective way of reducing energy use and carbon emissions from buildings, so the standard is the ideal construction method to help the UK government hit their target of reducing carbon emissions by 80% by 2050.

Typically, to achieve the standard in the UK, Passivhaus buildings will need very high levels of insulation, extremely high performance windows with insulated frames, airtight building fabric, thermal bridge-free construction and a mechanical ventilation system with highly efficient heat recovery.

Over 20,000 Passivhaus buildings including houses, schools and offices, have now been built across Europe and we’re keen to increase this number across the Midlands. As the standard can be applied to retrofit projects as well as new builds, we can turn whatever construction project you have into a low energy, eco-friendly space.


Attention to detail

The standard calls for meticulous attention to detail in both design and construction, which is why Sjölander da Cruz Architects chose us to carry out their River Studio transformation project.

River Studio was our first Passivhaus project, which involved restoring a mid-20th century asbestos clad barn on the outskirts of Leamington Spa into an office for Sjölander da Cruz Architects. Working collaboratively with Sjölander da Cruz Architects, we were able to feed into the design and construct an award winning Passivhaus building that met and exceeded Passivhaus specifications. Take a look at our project case study for more information.

River Studio was shortlisted for the UK Passivhaus Awards 2014 in the Bespoke Project Design category and won the Offices under 2000sqm award at the AJ Retrofit Awards 2014. This success proves that our collaborative and innovative approach to construction is exactly what the industry wants and needs.

Looking for Passivhaus Contractors?

If you’re thinking of using the Passivhaus standard for your next construction project, give us a call. Whether it’s a new build or a retrofit project, we have the award winning combination of experience and innovation to ensure your building is fit for purpose and meets, if not exceeds, Passivhaus specifications.

Remove the risk from your building construction by putting your Passivhaus project in our safe hands.

River Studios Passivhaus